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Our names are Jeff and Cindy Wilson and our story begins in 1981 when we were married.  Jeff worked for a lawn/pest control company as a technician.  He was very healthy and rarely got sick.  As he continued working there, that seemed to change.  Jeff ended up leaving the company and his health improved.  Interesting that some of the products used at that time are no longer available and have been removed from the market.


Fast forward to the year 2009.  Cindy was diagnosed with cancer.  After some testing we found out that it was not genetic.  She was blessed to be able to beat her cancer (thumbs up!) Realizing Cindy's cancer was not genetic, and being told a high percentage of them are not, we felt it must have been due to our environment and/or food.    We researched the most organic ways to eat, live, and take care of our home to provide the healthiest living environment we could.  To the best of our knowledge, we were not aware of a truly organic option for pest control here in the Treasure Valley, so we found a way to organically provide pest control that was safe for our family.  We have taken that solution and made it available for everyone.  


Today the Organic Spider Man Natural Pest Control has spread significantly throughout the valley, servicing other like minded customers, and helping improve the environment of the Treasure Valley.

Meet Jeff

Jeff loves to cycle!  Road biking is his deal.  We have a tandem bike so Cindy can keep up!  He says it lubes his joints :)  He also enjoys camping and redoing vintage trailers.

Meet Cindy

Being creative is something she enjoys, anywhere from decorating to florals.  Vintage trailers and camping has become a passion.  It is condo camping, or glamping, and so much fun!


This is our family with our daughter and her husband and our amazing grandchildren.  By the way, we are the old couple that never grows up!

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